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안녕하세요! 저는 루시입니다!

Hello! My name is Lucy and this is my introduction to my blog! I am currently studying BA Korean at SOAS University in London and have only been learning the Korean language full-time for four months but have been part time studying it for a few years before now. My interest in Korean culture spans more than a decade and now I am finally realising my dream by being able to study the language at University at an intense level.

As part of my unit called Elementary Korean II I have to show in a portfolio form how my studying is progressing to my 선생님 (teacher). During the development of my portfolio I have found some really useful ways for studying Korean on your own and with friends that I thought were too good not to share!

Therefore by creating this blog I can now document my studying as I have done in my physical portfolio by diary form but also include posts that others can view online of the useful tips and tricks I have found to becoming better at Korean! I often get questions online and by friends who want to know how to go about studying Korean, such as how and where, but also I have many people who study different languages/subjects what my best study methods are. So here you can always ask me any questions and I will be happy to reply to them all.

As my own practice I will try to make posts in Korean, but I promise to always include English translations for those who cannot yet understand. Furthermore I hope that every post I will make in the future is informative and useful.

I am only a beginner in the language so if any of my Korean is wrong and you do spot mistakes, do not hesitate to comment to correct me as positive criticism is a good way for to improve!

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My name is 루시 (Lucy) and I am a 2nd year student of BA Korean in London, but currently I am studying at Korea University in Seoul.

This blog will include helpful tips and hints on how to learn the Korean language but will also show my own progress in studying.

I will also aim to post reviews on Korean products and will post videos of my adventures.

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